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Author and founder of Sketchbook Skool

What 20,000+ readers say:

Your ideas bring so much comfort and confidence! — Kaelig C.

I subscribe to Danny’s Essays because they show me that I’m actually already an artist NOW, not at a later date when I’m “better” at drawing or painting. He leads by example with his trademark gentle, self-deprecating humor that nevertheless, often zapped me right between the eyes with its perceptive wisdom. — Christl M.

Danny's essays encourage me to create even when I don't feel creative or when I doubt I have artistic talent. — Joy P.

As we strive to live in the land of healthy habits, Danny’s Essays offer a welcome hand to lift you up. Similar to going regularly to the gym or taking a daily walk, Danny encourages us to draw, as often as possible! His examples encourages anyone, regardless of where they are on their creative journey, to just pick up a pencil and have some fun with it. — Patricia C

You capture the otherwise mundane life in your essays as something very exciting, wonderful and something to look forward to every waking minute. Your daily struggles over the years is proof that every artist has to overcome his own critic to excel in his field. — Anu A

I'm so grateful for Danny's essays. Always on point, encouraging, and with sparks of delight, they always touch my artist's heart and remind me to continue making my art my way and to keep going. A treasury of these essays is just that - a true treasure. Thank you, Danny, for writing them! — Lori W.

Danny’s weekly candid reflections, humor, and encouragement inspired me in ways he could not have predicted, and I had not imagined. The joy of setting my creative self free is indescribable. It can’t be put back “in the box.” From the depths of my heart, thank you, Danny. — Alene B

"Danny’s Essays are like getting a letter from a good friend who is not only wise but also funny. They always seem to be just what I need to keep me going creatively.” — Linda P

I’m definitely looking forward to your book, I’ll be sure to give a few as gifts! I’m a big fan of your essays, it’s usually just what I needed to hear…just at the right time! Love your work, man — Vicki D

Danny's Essays help remind me that I'm not the only one who goes through the doubt and the fear, and something about the way he writes helps me look at my setbacks as part of the process. Thank you, Danny, for your down-to-earth wisdom. — The Heron Now

I am deeply grateful to Danny for sharing his personal creative journey in this collection of essays. His honest and inspiring exploration of drawing, especially his reflections on the value of keeping sketchbooks and of self-compassionate self-critique, has not only helped me find my own artistic voice but has also better equipped me to guide my students in discovering their own. This book is a true gift for anyone seeking authentic fulfillment and self-expression through art. — Dan W.

I've been a subscriber since the beginning of Danny's Essays. These motivational essays give me pause, make me laugh and make me feel like Danny is speaking directly to me. — Monica M.

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